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NEW REQUESTS: December 08, 2022 @ 6:22pm EST:

Sunshine Request is a project built and run by a small team at PRC Applications. While we always do our best to process and follow up on requests as quickly as possible, there are occasional delays depending on our Team’s availability in a given week or month.

We will not be accepting New Request submissions until December 12th. Our Submit Request form is temporarily deactivated as of today, and it will reopen again on the 13th.

However, we will still continue to send Follow Up emails and monitor updates we receive from Government entities. We will post those updates on the site as usual, as our availability allows.

If you have submitted a New Request on or before December 08, we will still proceed to review and begin processing the request today, as our availability allows.

Please note that we only accept New Requests via the Submit Request form on our website. While the form is deactivated, please do not attempt to send in a request by emailing our Team directly. Those emails will not be processed.

If at any point you would like to check the status of a “published” request, you can do so via the View All Requests page, which includes a Search function.

Thank you for your patience!

~ Sunshine Request Team

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