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Follow up requested – Asheville City Schools complete compensation information (Admin. / Central office)

Hi- In reading this past request (see below), I notice that it was not answered with the document provided and so request that it be reopened for follow up. The document from ACS does not include complete "yearly base salary" nor complete "total salary cost" data for all of the employees listed, does not designate which employees are considered central office or administration, and does not include the six years of bonuses requested. It seems that there is deliberate opaque or incomplete presentation of this public information. Thank you for your help!

Subject: Asheville City Schools – Admin / Central Office bonuses

Message: “Hello. I saw that you recently completed several requests for salary info. for all ACS Employees. I believe the results of those requests just contained base salary info. As noted in NCGS Chapter 126, Article 7, the term “salary” includes pay, benefits, incentives, bonuses, and deferred and all other forms of compensation paid by the employing entity.

I would like to request to know all the bonuses received by all Central Office Employees and all Administrators in the ACS school system. I would like to see this salary info. broken down by year (from the last 6 years to present, 04/03/19).

Thank you so much for your help!

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