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[See Editor’s Note] (April 2024) Submission related to “Forsyth Technical Community College” salaries

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Forsyth Technical Community College

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2024 Faculty and Staff current pay

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N/A - April 03, 2024

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Editor’s Note 04/12/24: The submission above has been marked as “Completed.”

We received the submission on April 03, 2024. However, we had just recently fulfilled the same type of request for “… names and salaries of all current employees / faculty / staff, at Forsyth Technical Community College in Winston-Salem, NC” on March 14. This means that the responsive records we received from FTCC are only 20 days older than the new submission in April.

Please review all responsive records at the following URL:

(March 2024) Request for Forsyth Technical Community College in Winston-Salem, NC: List of all employees and salaries. As of the present day.

Please check to see if the responsive records you hope to receive have already been provided. If you’d like more specific or up-to-date information (and it is not already available on FTCC’s website), please feel free to submit a new request through our site.

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