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[See Editor’s Note] (June 2019) Follow-up jury verdicts

I am following up on two request made over a year ago. regarding Jury verdicts. It was last said that Sunshine would work on opening the files received. I am wondering if any progress has been made. Thank you for your time.

06/20/19 Editor’s Note to Sender:

The above follow up message is related to the following request sent to Buncombe County Gov. and DA’s Offices in February 2018, called Jury Verdicts. That request has technically been completed as of June 2018. As that is the original request, please refer to that URL for all additional follow ups, if there are any.

In April 2018 we received a flash stick from NCCOURTS, but the info. contained on it was unfortunately not provided in a particularly useable format.

Due to the volume of requests we receive, and as we are a very small team, it could take quite a while for us to be able to find time to extract and upload the info. in a user friendly format. Therefore, we are unable to provide an estimate as to when we can further format the files at this time. However, as we have time, we may possibly work on how it is formatted. If that occurs, this update would be noted on our site.

If the sender would like to review the completed request, please do so at https://www.sunshinerequest.com/records_request/jury-verdicts/

Thank you for using www.sunshinerquest.com!

Note: We received several additional follow ups throughout 2018 related to the original request. Those may be viewed here:




Status: Completed


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