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[See Editor’s Note] (November 2023) Submission related to “Alexander County Schools Central Office Staff and School Administration Salaries” 07/01/2022 – 06/30/2023

Date sent in to Sunshine: 10/31/2023

Original Subject:
Alexander County Schools Central Office Staff and School Administration Salaries

Original Message:
“I would like to request all Central office administration salaries including base pay, supplements or additional pay to equal their full yearly salary to include the following positions: Superintendent, Associate Superintendent, Executive Director of HR and Auxillary Services, Director of Headstart, Director of Transportation, Director of Exceptional Children and Student Services, Executive Director of Finance, Director of School Nutrition Services, Director of Communications, Director of School Maintenance and Facilities, Director of NC Pre-K and Headstart, Director of Federal Programs and Testing and Accountability, Director of CTE and Secondary Education, All Administrative Assistants and clerical positions within Central Office, Principal and assistant principals of the following: Alexander Central High School, Different Success Center, Alexander Early College, East Alexander Middle School, West Alexander Middle School, Stony Point Elementary, Hiddenite Elementary, Taylorsville Elementary, Sugar Loaf Elementary, Wittenburg Elementary, Bethlehem Elementary, Ellendale Elementary. I request each salary to be separated into funding sources such as Federal, State, and Local for each position.”

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Other (indicate in message)

Start Date / End Date:
July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023

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Editor’s Note 11/07/23: The submission above has been marked as “Completed”. As it is written, it’s unclear what specific searchable public records the sender hopes to receive.

If you’re hoping to receive salary data “[for X people / positions] as of the first day of every month, from 07/01/22 through 06/30/23”  … In our experience requesting salary data, it’s unlikely that ACS will be able to query the data in that manner (on one specific date in time, and on every month over several years). We’re happy to send in a new request, once it’s revised / resubmitted to our site, but just wanted to note that possibility for your consideration when re-writing the request.

Additionally — Please note that we recently completed a similar request on 10/24/23 for “ALL current Alexander County, NC School System Employees / Staff, and their salaries”. Those records seem to be up-to-date as of 10/24/23. Please review all responsive records at the following URL:


Please check to see if the responsive records you hope to receive now have already been provided. If you’d like more specific or up-to-date information (and it is not already available on ACS’s website), please feel free to submit a new request through our site.

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