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[See Editor’s Note] (October 21019) Status update on Chimney Rock concessions

[Editor's Note -

The sender of this “request” was asking for a status update on a request called “(September 2019) Request for Chimney Rock concession agreement / contract” found at

Additionally, some of the “request” message was an incomplete sentence. However, we will assume that this was meant to be a question for Sunshine Request about whether there is a time limit on when we should receive a response from the government entities to which requests are sent.]

Editor’s Note: Sunshine Request makes no claim as to the veracity of any statements or information contained in any of the requests, or public records, we receive.

Editor’s Note 10/07/19: The above “request” has been marked as “Completed”. This is not a records request, and is a question about the status of a request on our site. Please keep track of the status of the referenced original request here: (September 2019) Request for Chimney Rock concession agreement / contract

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Due to the volume of requests on our site, we rotate through a list of active request follow ups once a week as we are able, until we have confirmed that the request has been received by the government agency and is being processed, and that there is an approximate completion schedule we are made aware of. In some cases, when the government has specified a schedule, we will wait to follow up again until that time. This can sometimes be 3 weeks or more, and will be specified in our request updates on the site.

In the case of the above referenced request – Some of our team was out of office last week, and we have not followed up on the request, but will be doing so this week as soon as is possible. Any updates we receive will be posted on our site.

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Status: Completed


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