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[See Editor’s Note] Request for payroll info – City of Brevard, NC (New Fiscal Year)(03/15/18)

Hello City of Brevard,

I am requesting the following information from the City of Brevard NC, all salaries and benefits they receive as of 3/15/2018 for all full-time, part- time and any contracted employees:

First name
Last name
Position title
Annual salary / benefits given
Hours worked weekly / yearly
First date of employment with City of Brevard

Lastly, please provide this information in spreadsheet format (e.g. CSV) so that the information may be sorted.

Thank you.

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06/24/19 Editor’s Note: The above request is an exact duplicate of previously completed request on our site in August 2018, and therefore has been marked as “Completed” on our site. The results of the previous request may be viewed at https://www.sunshinerequest.com/records_request/payroll-benefits-request-city-brevard-nc/

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Status: Completed


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