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[See Editor’s Note] (September 2019) Follow up on 08/26/19 request related to Town of Sylva, NC Voluntary Annexation communications


I am requesting communications among the Government of the Town of Sylva, NC including the Town Clerk, Town Manager, Town Legal Aid, Mayor, and Board of Commissioners concerning voluntary annexation.

This is a follow up to a previous request, and would include all emails concerning the topic from the past request sent on 8/26/19, through the business day, 9/11/19.

Thank you!

Editor’s Note: Sunshine Request makes no claim as to the veracity of any statements or information contained in any of the requests, or public records, we receive.

Editor’s Note 09/12/19: The above request is a follow up on a previously Completed request (found at https://www.sunshinerequest.com/records_request/august-2019-request-for-town-of-sylva-nc-annexation-communications/). The original request asked for:

“any communications of town of Sylva, NC officials relating annexation from July 2019 until the present. I believe these would be between the commissioners, the town clerk, town manager, and legal counsel.”

The above new follow up request, will be marked as “Completed”, and will be merged with the original request from 08/26/19, which will be “reopened” once the follow up request has been sent in.

Please keep track of the status of the above request here.

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Status: Completed


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