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[See Editor’s Note](August 2020) Follow up submission related to July 2020 “Asheville City Schools Central Office employee salaries”

Previously I submitted a request for Central Office salaries. The response was "no new positions were hired"; however, my request is for the salaries of ALL central office employees.

Editor’s Note: Sunshine Request makes no claim as to the veracity of any statements or information contained in any of the requests, or public records, we receive.

Editor’s Note 08/07/20: The above submission has been marked as “Completed,” and will be merged with the referenced original request (found here). The original request asked for the following:

“It is my belief that several Central Office employees have assumed new positions and new raises during this year, and I would like to request that you please provide all the new salaries approved by Asheville City Schools for the 2020 / 2021 school year, as of 07/01/20.”

The request was completed on August 04, when we received this response from ACS:

At Central Office, no new positions have been hired.”

Based on the new request message and timeline details we received (above), the original July request will now be “reopened,” and will be sent as a “Follow up request” to ACS as follows:

Hi Ashley and Asheville City Schools, 

We received a follow up submission related to a now completed July request (for “Asheville, NC City Schools employee salaries as of 07/01/20”).

We’d like to ask that you please “reopen” the July request, and proceed as follows – The sender is now requesting the following:

“Please provide the salaries of ALL Asheville City Schools Central Office employees, as of 08/07/20. (or the date the query is run).”

Thank you for your assistance!

Please keep track of the status of the request here.

Thank you for using www.sunshinerequest.com!

Status: Completed


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