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[See Editor’s Note](February 2020) Follow up submission related to “Position Levels Cleveland Community College”

Hello Cleveland Community College in Shelby, NC,

This is a follow up request related to a now Completed, two-part January 2020 public records request (found at https://www.sunshinerequest.com/records_request/january-2020-request-for-cleveland-community-college-shelby-nc-employee-earnings-2019-and-salary-grades-2020/). The original request asked for employee earnings in 2019 and salary grades in 2020.

The following positions were not listed in the response from Cleveland Community College in the Staff Classification and Salary Plan (document) that was provided. I would now like to request that you please provide the classification levels for the following positions listed on the college website directory, as they were not included in the original request:

Career Services Assessment Coordinator
IT Support Coordinator
Allied Health Admissions Coordinator
Coordinator and Instructor of Fire and Rescue Training
Director of Academic Affairs
Director of Career Services
Elearning and Training Specialist
Work-Based Learning Coordinator
Academic Affairs Associate
HVAC Mechanic
College and Career Readiness Recruiter
College and Career Readiness Specialist
Continuing Education Records Coordinator
Director of Student Life
Service and Support Analyst
Law Enforcement Training Specialist
Athletic Director
Dean of College and Career Readiness
Instructional Design Coordinator
College and Career Readiness Program Coordinator
Assistant Director of Advising, Onboarding Specialist
Collection Development and Instruction Librarian
Career Service Training Coordinator
Vice President of Academic Affairs
Senior Systems Administrator
Digital Resources Librarian
Customized Training Program Coordinator

[**Editor’s Note: As there was no time period specified, we will interpret on the sender’s behalf that the timeline for the requested info should include 07/01/2019 - 01/20/2020, as in the original January 2020 request.]

Thank you for your assistance!

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