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[See Editor’s Note](February 2021) Submission related to “Henderson County Public Schools CO and Technology Staff Salary”

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February 2021 Henderson County Public Schools CO and Technology Staff Salary Request

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Good afternoon Henderson County Public Schools.
I would like to make a public records request for the following information:
Please provide a list of names and current salary for the HCPS central office staff as well as the HCPS technology department staff.
Thank you for your help!


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Editor’s Note 02/12/21: The above submissions has been marked as “Completed.” The records requested are a duplicate and likely covered by another request currently being processed on our site which asked for “…a list of all salaries for all Henderson County, NC Public School employees for the 2020-2021 school year.”

Found here:

(November 2020) Request for Henderson County, NC Public Schools – employee salaries 2020/2021

In order to avoid duplication of efforts / confusion, we are closing the new submission (above). Once we’ve received the results of the November 2020 request, please review, and if the sender has not obtained the desired information indicated by the technology request above, please submit a new request to our site. We’ll be happy to send it off to HCS.

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