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[See Editor’s Note]Follow up questions related to “Wilson County Employee Salaries and DSS Organizational Chart”

The request for the Wilson County NC DSS Organizational Chart is marked complete and has the county employee information attached.

The salary request is still marked blue. Do you guys have the DSS Organizational chart?

Thank you for the service you provide!

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Editor’s Note 08/24/20: The above submission has been marked as “Completed”.

Thank you for catching this error – We apologize for marking the referenced request (Request for Wilson County, NC DSS Organizational Chart as of 08/04/20) as “Completed” recently – We mistakenly posted an update that was intended for another Wilson County request (August 2020) Request for Wilson County, NC Government Employee Salaries as of 07/01/20. Last updated: Aug 24, 2020, 5:07 PM).

We’ve corrected this issue, and you can now check out the status of both requests at the links provided above.

Thank you!

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