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[See Editor’s Note](July 2022) Submission related to “all permits pulled on my property” in St. Louis, MO

Date sent in to Sunshine: 07/05/22

Original Subject:
A copy of All permits pulled on my property

Original Message:
I am requesting to retrieve a copy of all permits pulled on my property in the last ten years, please. Permits including' building, electrical, plumbing, HVAC and anything structural related.

Government Entity: Other
Start Date / End Date: 7/5/22 to 7/12/22

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Editor’s Note 07/08/22: The submission above has been marked as “Completed”.

We have reviewed a similar request we completed on July 07, 2021 for “City of St. Louis, MO building permits issued 07/29/2014 – 09/18/2019 and 09/29/1988 – 08/28/2019”.  In that case it was determined that,

“The [St. Louis] Recorder of Deeds office does not record and store building permits. Building permits are searchable by address by accessing the City’s website and searching building permits. You can also contact the Building Division at 314-622-3313.”

Permit info can also be accessed online using an address search via the following URLs:



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