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[See Editor’s Note](May 2020) Duplicate submission request related to “North Carolina Council on Women and Youth Involvement”



I'd like to make a public records request for the following information. The responsive records requested should include the time period of 01/01/1966 - 04/26/2020: [Editor's Note: The sender indicated in the "Start Date / End Date" section of the request form that the timeline should be 05/07/2020].

As the certifier and overseer for North Carolina's domestic violence agencies, please provide any North Carolina statute or administrative rule allowing any North Carolina state certified domestic violence agency to refuse services to victims seeking services.

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Editor’s Note 05/07/20: The above submission has been marked as “Completed”. This is a duplicate of an April 2020 request that is currently “open,” and is being processed on our site. For all status updates, please keep track of the original request at this link.

Please note: The sender of April’s request indicated in the “Government Entity” field of the request form that it should be sent to the “City of Asheville.” We did ask the City to let us know if there was actually a more appropriate entity to contact.

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Based on the message in the duplicate submission (above), the original request will also now be sent to the “North Carolina Department of Administration.” The message will reflect that the requested timeline is now 01/01/66 to 05/07/20, as indicated by the sender in the “Start Date / End Date” section of the form on our site. That update will be posted, once the request has been sent.

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