Buncombe County Submitted: November 15, 2019 | Updated: November 15, 2019

[See Editor’s Note](November 2019) Request related to “traffic stops out of the cities” in Buncombe County, NC

Hello Buncombe County, NC Sheriff’s Department,

I’d like to make a public records request for the following information:

I’d like to know the breakdown of demographics of gender, age, and race, related to deputies making traffic stops for the past 3 years until the present (date on which this query is performed).

[Editor’s Note: As it is written, we will interpret on the sender’s behalf that they would like you to “Please provide this information about the deputies who are making the traffic stops,” as opposed to the drivers that have been stopped.]

Thank you for your assistance!

Editor’s Note: Sunshine Request makes no claim as to the veracity of any statements or information contained in any of the requests, or public records, we receive.

Editor’s Note 11/15/19: This request has been revised for clarity.

However, based on the Title of the request as it was written (“Traffic stops out of the cities”), it is unclear what information the sender hopes to receive, or if / how the Title relates to the request itself. Therefore, the above request has been marked as “Completed.”

If the sender would like to do so, please resubmit the request via our homepage. Please clearly specify in the request Message to what entity the request should be made (City of AVL, Bunc. Co. Sheriff, etc.), and specifically what information is being requested. Please do not use the “Title” section of the request form to possibly indicate what should be requested if it is not also included in the request Message.

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Status: Completed


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