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[See Editor’s Note](November 2022) Submission related to “Count salaries”. (Alexander County)

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Count salaries

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Would like to see the individual salaries for Alexander County Employees

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Editor’s Note 12/07/22: The Submission above has been marked as Completed.

Recently, while working to fulfill a November 2022 request ( Alexander County, NC Government: Employee timesheets 10/15/22 – 11/12/22 ), we mistakenly sent Alexander County details about a completed request from September 26, 2022 ( Employee Names and Salaries for ALL current Alexander County Gov. employees ).

Sylvia sent us an updated file on 12/02/22 via the email thread for the November request — So while her response actually relates to the September request, the updated salary info she sent last week is effective as of 11/26/2022. Therefore, Sylvia’s response also satisfies the Submission you’ve sent to us on our website on 11/28/22, also asking for employee salaries.

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