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Wage Information


I had requested the salary information for The Foothills Public Shooting Complex of Cleveland County. Evidently I did not word my request correctly. I only received information on the full-time positions.

I would like the name, hire date, position and wage rate(full and part time).

I am so sorry I have caused confusion and extra work. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

**05/14/19 Editor’s Note: We receieved this follow up request in reference to a previous request “Foothills Public Shooting Complex of Cleveland County” that we had marked as Completed. We are going to re-open that request and mark this follow up request as Complete. To keep track of this request, please refer to the main request Foothills Public Shooting Complex of Cleveland County, found here: https://www.sunshinerequest.com/records_request/salary-info-foothills-public-shooting-complex-of-cleveland-county/

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