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[See Editor’s Note] A-B Tech Employee Information From January 2017- May 2019

Dear Asheville-Buncombe Community Technical College:

Please fulfill this Sunshine Request as per NC Sunshine Laws.

Please provide the following information on all employees who held the position of president, Vice President, and dean from January 2017-May 2019.

 Name:
 Age:
 Date of hire:
 Current position:
 Salary:
 Date of most recent promotion, demotion, transfer, suspension, separation or other change:
 Reasons for promotion:
 Date and type of dismissal, suspension and demotion for disciplinary reasons

Thank you.

Editor’s Note: Sunshine Request makes no claim as to the veracity of any statements or information contained in any of the requests, or public records, we receive.

05/30/19 Editor’s Note to Sender: The above request is a duplication of another new request we received for nearly identical info. This can be viewed at https://www.sunshinerequest.com/records_request/sunshine-law-records-request-ab-tech/

In order to avoid sending duplicate requests, the above request will be marked as “Completed” and will be combined with the request (called “Sunshine Law Records Request – AB Tech”) at the mentioned URL.

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