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[See Editor’s Note] (August 2019) Request for BCS specialist teachers info.

Hello Buncombe County Schools,

I would like to make a public records request for the following:

I'd like to know the total number of students at each school AND the number of specialists (PE, Art, Music, Media) they are provided (please include the number of days if they are only part time).

Thank you for your time!

[Editor’s Note: The requestor indicated in the “Start Date” / “End Date” section of the form on our site that the timeline of information to be included in the request should be August 29, 2019 - September 28, 2019.]

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Editor’s Note 08/30/19: In order to fulfill the request as expediently as possible, the above request has been marked as “Completed”, and will be merged with another very similar request we have just received found at https://www.sunshinerequest.com/records_request/august-2019-request-for-bcs-class-numbers-and-specialist-information-through-09-28-19/.

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Status: Completed


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