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[See Editor’s Note] [July 2019] Clarification requested: City of Brevard Fitness Instructor Usage

We would like to request the following question actually be answered with a number: How many city of Brevard employees attended the offsite running sessions with Trent Humphreys? The question is how many utilize the sessions, not where they are held.

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07/02/19 Editor’s Note: The above Clarification Requested is related to a previously Completed request found at https://www.sunshinerequest.com/records_request/city-fitness-instructor-usage/, that asked for:

“The Scope of Work in the City of Brevard’s fitness instructor Trent Humphreys’ contract says that Mr. Humphreys is to conduct individual and group fitness sessions, and coordinate offsite running sessions. We would like to request the following information about these sessions:

1. How many city employees attend these individual and/or group sessions per week on average? (This number should not include employees that use equipment on their own, only how many that regularly receive in person training from Mr. Humphreys.)

2. How many city employees attend the offsite running sessions per week on average?”

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