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[See Editor’s Note](February 2020) Follow up submission related to “DPS Contract” info as of 12/17/19

Following up on this previous request:

“Please produce any and all contracts that the State of North Carolina, the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, and/or any subsidiary entities (i.e. DJJ) has with any entity for the operation of its facility located at 20 Lees Creek Road, in Buncombe County, North Carolina from 01/16/16 through 12/17/19.”

As stated in the original request, this would likely be a DPS contract. The response from DOA stating that a DPS contract would be maintained by DPS is simply acknowledging that they forwarded the request to the wrong department. Please press back on this obvious avoidance and do try to obtain this DPS contract.

Thanks again.

Editor’s Note: Sunshine Request makes no claim as to the veracity of any statements or information contained in any of the requests, or public records, we receive.

Editor’s Note 02/11/20: The above submission references a response we received on 01/29/2020 from [email protected] related to a now completed Sunshine Request (found here). Ben’s response indicated the request sent to the NC Department of Administration could not be fulfilled without a contract #, something we are unable to provide:

“Unfortunately we were not able to find the contract requested. If the requester does come across a bid number in the future then we would be happy to take another look.

It is possible that this contract was issued directly by the Department of Public Safety. If that’s the case then the contract would reside with their purchasing division. I have included a link to their website below.


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