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[See Editor’s Note](January 2024) Submission related to “Rutherford County North Carolina” salaries

Date sent in to Sunshine: 12/20/23

Original Subject:
Rutherford County North Carolina

Original Message:
Please provide a list of ALL current Rutherford County, NC employees and their salaries. As of 12/20/2023 or present day (on the date the query is performed). Please include the following:

1) Employee first / last name
2) Position / Title / Department
3) Hire Date
4) Current Salary [including hourly wage or yearly salary]
5) Include salaries that were previously hashed out on the last request made

Ideally, I’d like to receive the responsive records in an Excel or machine-readable format, if possible. If any / all of this info is already publicly available online, please provide a link to where it can be accessed.

Government Entity:
Other (indicate in message)

Start Date / End Date:
December 20, 2023 - December 27, 2023

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01/04/24. Editor’s Note to Sender: The submission above has been marked as “Completed”.

As written it is unclear what specific record you’re hoping to receive via Item # 5 above. The most recent request we have submitted to Rutherford County, NC Government was sent on 09/27/23, and it was fulfilled on 10/25/23. We assume you’re referring to that request. Please review all responsive records and any updates we received at the following URL:

(September 2023) Request for Rutherford County, NC Government: All current employees and salaries as of 09/27/23 or present day

If after reviewing that request, and the RCG website, you’re unable to locate the records you’d like to receive — please feel free to revise and submit a new request through our site. Please clearly indicate any specific details, subject, message, dates, record types, City / County / State, etc. about the exact public records that are being requested.

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Status: Completed


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