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Lincoln County Employee Salaries North Carolina

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I’m requesting employee salaries in Lincoln County North Carolina. There hasn’t been an undated one since October 2021. Thanks

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November 12, 2022 - November 12, 2022

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We do not know whetherLincoln County Government already has a public data dashboard with salary info, and/or if their salary info is proactively being made public online.

We are happy to continue to send in records requests on the sender’s behalf to obtain updated salary info. However, if the sender plans to request updated employee salaries on a monthly or semi-regular basis, we would also recommend they try getting in touch with Lincoln County, and ask them to consider posting that type of info on their website (or on an open data dashboard), on a recurring basis – As it is in the public interest. Perhaps something similar to what the City of Asheville, NC uses:



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