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[See Editor’s Note](September 2022) Submission related to “Part-Time / Hourly Employee Gaston College Dallas NC.”

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Part-Time / Hourly Employee Gaston College Dallas NC.

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Please provide a list including the following information.
All part time / Hourly Employees …

Name , Title, Rate of pay

From Jan 2022- Current

Gaston College Dallas NC

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January 1, 2022 - September 22, 2022

Editor’s Note 09/22/22: In order to avoid confusion / duplication of requests, the above submission has been marked as “Completed”. We are actively working with Gaston College to fulfill a similar request for “… Employees who received 3.5% raise on 07/01/22. And employees with additional raises on 08/01/22.”, sent to their offices on September 19. Please keep track of all updates we’ve receive, at the following URL:


Our next scheduled follow up will be on 09/26. At whatever point the request has been marked as “Completed”, if the sender would like revise and submit a new request through our website they are encouraged to do so.

Also — As we continue to receive requests for salary related info at Gaston County and Gaston College, NC, we suggest that the sender reviews those completed requests to see if they already contain responsive records you hope to receive in the future. Those can be accessed by performing a search for ” Gaston “ on our website. Or, via the following URLs:








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